It's the first Pub Crawl of the year, it's the occasion to do a little game ;) This game is ONLY OPEN TO ERASMUS (AND INTERNATIONAL) STUDENTS!

WHEN: Thursday 17th of September, 9:00 PM
WHERE: start in front of the Cathedral
WHAT TO BRING: money for some drinks

Something more about the "rules":
At the start, you will get a list of your check points and your tasks (and their value in points) and you'll also have to do something to start the game (surprise).
The competition isn’t only about finishing the tasks but also about time! You need to get somewhere before 1:00 AM and every minute before this time will give you extra points. (You'll have more information later)
In every team, there will be one of our buddies as an "inspector"
Every task you pass must be documented by pictures or a video - all of it taken by ONE device (you pick one camera or one phone, etc..) - so you have to pick your photographer in your team (might be the buddy who will go with you)

Last but not least - you have to pick your team captain so that there is someone who can speak for you as far as the organisation is concerned.

If you want to participate, you have to make a mixed team (with boys and girls) of 5 members, create a name of your team and then register via this form till Tuesday (15th of Septembre) at 11:59pm.

Each team should wear a costume matching the name of the team (if your team is called pirates- dress up like a pirate). You will get points for originality of your costumes so don’t underestimate them! These points might even change the winner!

We will give you more information later ;)

17/09/2015 to 18/09/2015