First of all what is ESN ?

ESN, meaning Erasmus Student Network, is an association founded in 1990, three years after the creation of the Erasmus program, whose the main role was to organize a student international mobility. Today, they are 532 sections representing ESN in 40 countries.

ESN has two missions:

  • To welcome International students from all over the world and make this year becoming one of the best of their life. A bit lost when you arrive in France, do not worry! We accompany you from the train station to your new accommodation. If you need more help, do not hesitate to subscribe to our buddy system (lien vers page). And during the year, parties, trips and many activities will be set up to give you many beautiful remember.

  • Promote the different International exchange programs. In schools or in student shows, we are present to provide a maximum of information about international mobility. In France, this communication is structured around a national campaign named “Tickets pour le monde" ( - in french)



Each section depends on a national network and at a larger scale, on the international network:

Find your own section:

And what's about Orléans section ?

In any case, please contact us thought the contact form here or come and see us at our office :

Erasmus Student Network Orléans
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